Frequently Asked Questions 

1) Is my submission going to be published in both ITC Digital Library and CEUR-WS? 

  • NO. CIBw78 track will be published in the ITC Digital Library, whilst the LDAC track will be published in the CEUR-WS. Each of these are separate repositories with the legacy of each conference, so they are kept separate for consistency. 

2) Why am I redirected to the Springer website for the LDAC template? 

  • Authors are requested to download the Springer template (only for LDAC track papers) from Springer website. Copyright of the template is with Springer, we cannot add this to our website. 

3) Is my submission going to be published in Springer (because I completed a Springer template)? 

  • NO. The LDAC workshop simply has been using the open template from Springer, but no publishing in Springer related journals are planned so far. 

4) Will published papers be associated with an ISBN/ISSN? 

  • YES. An ISSN is associated with the CIBw78 repository, whilst an ISBN is associated with the LDAC repository. 

5) Will published conference papers be indexed in Scopus or Web of Science? 

  • NO 

6) Are short papers also accepted? 

  • YES. Normally the limit for a conference paper is 10 pages, but short papers between 4-5 pages will also be considered. 

7) Are submission abstracts blind (anonymous)? 

  • NO. The reviewers have traditionally been able to see the authors and their affiliations for both abstracts and full paper submissions. 

8) Are full paper submission pre-conditioned to extended abstract submissions? 

  • NO. The submission of full papers even after the abstract deadline is allowed and will still be considered.

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